Prof. C.L. Mulder20200413104007

Prof. C.L. Mulder

Chairman of the board
Jan Berndsen20200413132755

Jan Berndsen

Member of the board
Marijke van Putten (Drs.)20200413112901

Marijke van Putten (Drs.)

Secretary of the board
Margret Overdijk MBA20200413121646

Margret Overdijk MBA

Treasurer of the board

Special members

Prof. Jürgen Gallinat20200413170405

Prof. Jürgen Gallinat

Special member of the board
Juan Jose Martínez Jambrina (MD, PhD)20200413170801

Juan Jose Martínez Jambrina (MD, PhD)

Special member of the board
F. Koops MBA20200413135620

F. Koops MBA

Special member of the board / Co-founder
Prof. Martin Lambert20200413140228

Prof. Martin Lambert

Special member of the board
Prof. Mirella Ruggeri20200415150717

Prof. Mirella Ruggeri

Special member of the Board
Prof. dr. Torleif Ruud20200413135935

Prof. dr. Torleif Ruud

Special member of the board


Marjan ter Avest20200413173350

Marjan ter Avest

Advisor of the Board
Alessandra Martinelli20200709073345

Alessandra Martinelli

President of the Young EAOF
Prof. Ph.A.E.G. Delespaul20200413174640

Prof. Ph.A.E.G. Delespaul

Advisor of the Board
Floor van Dijk (Drs.)20200413172135

Floor van Dijk (Drs.)

Advisor of the Board
René Keet20200413182241

René Keet

Advisor of the Board
Rokus Loopik20200413173813

Rokus Loopik

Advisor of the Board
Yolande Voskes, PhD20200413175150

Yolande Voskes, PhD

Advisor of the Board
Torbjørn Mohn-Haugen20210125095409

Torbjørn Mohn-Haugen

Advisor of the Board

Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions!