The primary focus of the EAOF is to organize knowledge exchange forums (such as the two-year conferences), to bring together those who foster and innovate good quality community based mental health services, and to stimulate the creation of networks between professionals, scientists and policy makers.

EAOF collaborates closely with EUCOMS (The European Community Based Mental Health Services Network)to establish good quality community based mental health services. The vision of both organizations is that recovery processes can best be facilitated through community based mental health services, tailored to the local context and needs of the population.

The primary focus of EUCOMS is to set up a network of community based mental health service providers. These mental health service providers have a common goal, i.e. to implement good quality community based mental health care within the context of their organizations. In many cases this involves a transition from hospital based services to community based services.

EAOF and EUCOMS are complementary organizations, stimulating community based services from various perspectives and they collaborate intensively. EAOF will promote the activities of EUCOMS and vice versa and they will use the logo’s of the different organizations simultaneously when sending out PR materials to visualize their interconnection.

EUCOMS and EAOF will work together on a regular basis to reach the goals mentioned above

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