We are a branch of the EAOF. A group for young professionals (not age-related), who are finishing or have finished their education in any mental health discipline, who have recently started working in the psychiatry field or have work experience up to 10 years. We come from any European country.

The Aim

Our aims are to learn from and get inspired by each other, avoid getting stuck in the perspective of your proper nation and/or discipline, and to form a common voice to shape the future of mental health care.

We start with achieving these aims by exchanging perspectives, ideas, opinions, organizing a research network, and visiting each other in our different work contexts. Our focus is the assertive outreach and community care.

Currently we are trying to expand our network with young professionals all over Europe, who sympathize with our aims.


Alessandra Martinelli20200709073345

Alessandra Martinelli

President of the Young EAOF
Stephan Vorst20210108171835

Stephan Vorst

Vice-president of the Young EAOF
Saskia de Haan20210108165055

Saskia de Haan

Secretary of the Young EAOF
Anja Christine Rohenkohl20210108165426

Anja Christine Rohenkohl

Network Member of the Young EAOF
Friederike Ruppelt20210108165744

Friederike Ruppelt

Network Member of the Young EAOF
Marius S. Pettersen20220311172858

Marius S. Pettersen

Network Member of the Young EAOF

Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions!