Learning from each other

4th European Congress on Assertive Outreach

September 13-15, 2017 Hamburg, Germany

Mental health services all over the world aim for best-practice models and interventions to support and treat people with mental disorders, specifically for those with more serious mental illnesses. Integrated Care, Assertive Outreach Services, Crises and Home Treatment Services, Early Intervention Services, Community Based Recovery Services and Peer Support are examples of care models and interventions seeking to improve care coordination, early detection, community-based crises intervention and treatment as well as consumer involvement, reintegration and recovery. However, the present state of development and implementation of such models and interventions is influenced by many different aspects, among others by varying health care systems and their financial regulations.

Therefore, the main theme of the fourth conference of the EAOF is learning from each other with the goal to support solutions by organizing communication between clinicians, researchers, service users, relatives and stakeholders from different countries and different health care systems.

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