Improving Integration

2nd European Congress on Assertive Outreach

July 26-28, 2013 Avilés, Astrurias, Spain

During this Second European Assertive Outreach Congress our objective is to bring together the knowledge about AO and integration in Europe.

The broader aim of the conference is to bring together clinicians, researchers, policy makers, representatives from patient and family organisations to discuss ways to optimize outpatient care for patients with severe mental illness.

The European Assertive Outreach Foundation creates a European network, by organizing international AO conferences every two years. The EAOF stimulates research across different countries to investigate and compare models of AO, their cost-effectiveness, and the development and implementation of other evidence-based practices within the context of AO. The EAOF will help ensure that the most vulnerable citizens in our communities receive the highest possible quality of care.

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