2015 Presentations in parallel sessions

A1-2 Interdisiplinary Asssertive Outreach Teams. State Of The Art, And The Norwegian Solution Flexible Committed, Community Collaboration - The C-Flex Mod
Speaker - Bror Just Andersen
PhD Psychol, Special Ad Quality, PM Research, Baerum DPC, Norway

A3-2 Quality of life outcomes of an assertive outreach program in rural central Alberta
Speakers - Neels Ehlers, MA & Carla Prediger, RPN
Addiction and Mental Health Services,
Central Zone, Alberta, Canada.

A4-1 Staff perspectives of ACT Team working and outcomes
Speakers - Fabida Noushad, Melanie Dunkley Hadi Peivandi, Sarvath Abbas, Mohammed Al-Uzri

A4-2 Towards 10 Years of ACT in Ljubljana, Slovenia
Speakers - Ivna Bulić Vidnjevič, Andreja Jerič
University Psychiatric Hospital Ljubljana

A4-3 A Cultural Competency Training Manual For Law and Mental Health Professionals
Wendy Chow MSW, RSW
University Psychiatric Hospital Ljubljana
Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry, University of Toronto Program Manager, Mount Sinai Hospital, Department of Psychiatry Assertive Community Treatment Team and Mental Health Court Support Program Head, International Education Department of Psychiatry, Mount Sinai Hospital

Joel Sadavoy M.D., F.R.C.P. (C)
University Psychiatric Hospital Ljubljana
Professor and Sam and Judy Pencer and Family Chair in Applied General Psychiatry, University of Toronto Head, Community Mental Health Program, President, International Psychogeriatric Association

A5-4 The Spanish Model of ACT: Methodology and Results
Speaker - Alberto Durán Rivas
Psychiatrist. ACT Ferrol

B3-2 Flexible ACT in daily practice: FACTS
Speakers - Annet Nugter, Rene keet
Mental Health Service Organization “Noord-Holland Noord”, The Netherlands

B3-3 FACTS about FACT : Outcomes of different patient groups
Speaker - Annet Nugter
Head of department of Research and Monitoring Mental health service organization “Noord-Holland-Noord”, The Netherlands

C1-2 Intensive home Treatment in the Netherlands
Speaker - E.J.D. Prinsen
Psychiatrist, Dimence Deventer, The Netherlands

C4-3 How phenomenology and existential hermeneutics can improve outreach from an ethical perspective
Speaker - Jacques Quintin
Université de Sherbrooke, CANADA

D1-2 Community compulsion and social outcome measurement: development and application of a multidimensional capabilities instrument (OxCAP-MH)
Speakers - Francis Vergunst, Jorun Rugkåsa, Tom Burns, Judit Simon
Department of Psychiatry, University of Oxford

D4-2 Managing victimization risks attached to societal participation by people with severe mental illness; the Victoria-project
Speakers - Yolanda Nijssen, Lies Korevaar, Diana Roeg, Roland van de Sande, Inge Bongers and Jaap van Weeghel
Dijk en Duin/ Parnassia Groep, GGz Eindhoven, Tilburg University, Dijk en Duin/ Tranzo

E4-4 Phase- specific Treatment Indication In Integrated Care Systems -- Beyond Crisis Management
Speaker - Philippe Delespaul
Maastricht University, The Netherlands

F3-3 Implementing integrated treatment for dual disorders in The Netherlands: lessons learned
Speaker - Anneke van Wamel
Trimbos Institute, The Netherlands

F5-1 BREAKING DOWN WALLS! - The Challenge of Transmural Care: One Vision, One Treatment, No Boundaries Between Inpatient and Outpatient Care
Speakers - Mrs. A. Furnemont peerworker, Mrs. C. Hoff psychiatrist, Mrs. N.D. de Koning psychiatrist, Mrs. E.N. Arredondo psychiatrist
Mental Health Service Organization “Noord-Holland Noord”, The Netherlands

G2-4 Use Of The Tool For Measurement Of ACT (TMACT) To Guide And Ensure The Quality Of ACT Programs Within The United States.
Lorna L. Moser, Ph.D., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA
Maria Monroe-DeVita, Ph.D., University of Washington Seattle, USA
Greg Teague, Ph.D., University of South Florida, USA

G4-2 Assertive Community Treatment and Housing First
Speaker - Rie Kløver Eriksen
ACT-team Homeless Unit City of Copenhagen, Denmark

G4-3 Implementation of ACT in Sweden
Bengt Svensson, Lund University, Sweden
Urban Markström, Umeå University, Sweden
Magnus Bergmark, Umeå University, Sweden
Ulrika Bejerholm, Lund University, Sweden

H1-1 Outcomes at 1 year of established rough sleepers with mental illness who are admitted to hospital involuntarily
Dr Philip Timms
Consultant Psychiatrist, START Team, SLAM, UK
Dr Jen Perry
FMLM Clinical Fellow RCPsych and St Andrews Healthcare. ST4 General Adult Psychiatry SLAM, UK

I1-1 Assertive Community Treatment in England
Helen Killaspy
Professor and Honorary Consultant in Rehabilitation Psychiatry, University College London and Camden & Islington NHS Foundation Trust, UK

I2-1 Erfaringer av samarbeid i oppstart av ACT team (this sesson will be available in Norwegian only)
Anita Mølstre
Haugesund kommune/Helse-Fonna/ Haugaland Distrikspsykiatriske senter, Norway

J1-3 Assertive outreach in Spain
D. Juan Jose Martínez Jambrina
Director of mental health service Avilés, Asturias, Spain

J4-1 Subjective Experiences Of Treatment For Psychosis In The United States: A Phenomenological Analysis
C. Ramirez
Pacifica Graduate Institute, USA

K8-1 Integrated Care Teams: An Essential Model For Reducing Recidivism And Improving Client Outcomes
Dr. Christine Cauffield
Executive Director, LSF Health Systems Jacksonville, Florida - USA