Links of interest - Information about F-ACT - This 2015 EIU (Economist Intelligence Unit) report, sponsored by Janssen, explored the challenges of integrating people with mental illness into society and employment: Mental health and Integration, Provision for supporting people with mental illnes: A comparison of 30 European countries. - 4rd Biennial Schizophrenia International Research Conference - Danish Association for Community Mental Health - EPA Annual Meeting 2014 - Altrecht, Mental Health Organisation - Epidemiological and Social Psychiatric Research institute - Sympopna, Congress Organisation services - UK National Forum on Assertive Outreach - SCEM Conference Services - Mental Health Europe - Stichting Centrum Certificering ACT en FACT - Information about Resource Groups - Model Aviles

Literature of interest

The role of national policies and mental health care systems in the development of community care and community support: an international analysis

Community Mental Health Journal - Outcomes of FLEXIBLE Assertive Community Treatment (FACT) Implementation: A Prospective Real Life Study

Fact Manual - Vision, model, practice and organization